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InterPersonal Interview Skills

A. The person who is evaluating that GD may have a different image regarding participants who are not able to speak due to LOUDSPEAKERS. Very politely, softly but in a confident tone, in such a case, you need to raise your hand and talk to the co-ordinator that you want to say something and then without wasting your time – just START speaking confidently.
A. Don’t be too cautious while appearing for an interview. Be cool, confident and as presentable as possible. Don’t worry about this point as it improves with more and more exposure and discussions.
A. Don’t use fillers while talking as it gives an impression that you are in a habit of using them. Pausing is not an issue. But you have to be confident, body language should be perfect. Practice as much as you can. Build confidence. There is a great scope of learning on www. Find right stuff and keep learning. Talk in English with your friends, at home etc.
A. Moving body in control and confidently is not an issue. But move body parts only to express what you want to say when in a business/formal discussion.
A. Keep control of your flow, don’t let it go out of your control, this improper pronunciation again gives a wrong impression (especially in your industry) and remember when you go for an interview – your first impression is the last impression.
A. This will improve automatically with the experience and more exposure. Gradually you will have to learn where to stop and where to pause. Practice before you are going for an interview – how will you start, how will you talk, how will you sit etc.
A. Confidently raise your voice that you have not completed yet.
A. That is how they act smart in GDs. Learn how to get across these sort of people. You need not be aggressive like them but definitely you have to add value in a GD by speaking time and again by approving or disapproving what others are saying.
A. This happens initially. Clearing one round is not your goal. Your ultimate goal is not even clearing all rounds and getting selected, it should be higher than that. I suggest – start reading some good books – on “how to impress people”, “body language”, “how to win friends and influence people”, “fish” etc. Try to be as cool and confident as possible. Don’t be too aggressive but be agile and dynamic in speech.
A. Don’t loose control while speaking. Keep track of your words, body language and confidence during an interview/GD.
A. that means you don’t participate much in a GD. Understand that any GD will happen only once and you get only one chance to prove yourself during that GD, keep your cool, understand that your participation and talking sensibly is very important.
A. No, it is not natural. It is wrong. It is very formal discussion and you have to act like an executive – alert, involved, and talking sense. Relax afterwards when it is over and you are through.
A. Practice at home or among friends before you go for any GD, read relevant before going for a GD or an inverview, that will build up your confidence. Try recording your voice and listening to it or other listening to it and telling you the places where you are missed the tone
A. Analyze the reasons and practice overcoming them
A. Read some books on communication. Practice pronunciation. There are some sites on internet with sound enabled. Learn from there. Check in dictionaries the right pronunciation.

A. Watch English channels, like ibn, cnn and look at how people sit and talk while in a discussion or interview.
A. Try keeping your head straight, look into the eyes of the interviewer not exactly looking at him, be confident, sit straight, don’t appear as if you are lost and searching for words or expressions.
A. Practice, read, rehears
A. Be crisp, sharp and to the point, explain or talk more only when you are told to. But don’t be too short also while answering that the interviewer gets an impression that you don’t know about the subject. It has to be a balanced discussion.
A. Don’t defend yourself, don’t justify yourself, say yes/no where you are asked to reply only in yes or no. explain why you said so only if the person asks for it.
A. Never give false confirmations of your knowledge. Say clearly if you are not 100% sure.
A. Too much smiling is not required. But still you should appear confident, smile when you greet a person or shake hands with him/her. Show warmth when you talk.
A. Don’t be too excited, analyze whether it is confidence or overconfidence, go prepared/confident. Practice and read good books, watch good tv programs and observe people how they stay cool and connected when they talk.
A. Is it too much of movement. Check which body parts move more, hands or legs, arms, whole body etc. Practice to control. Although body movement in a limited manner is not bad, and extent of movement varies from person to person
A. Keep reminding yourself that this is one time opportunity to get through and you are supposed to deliver your best. Then deliver your best.
A. Control your tone by practicing and observing others. Record it and listen to it urself. Decide appropriate tone and practice the same.

General Advice on Impressing Women: men not from mars, women not from Jupiter

Disclaimer: This is purely an ADULTS content (adult not by age but by brain), not to be read by weak hearted, too learned or too serious persons. Except the story mentioned other words should be taken purely in lighter mode. DIL PE MATT LE YAAR.
Actually “impressing” is too light a word to be associated with a woman as it lowers her dignity, weightage, power, stature and warmth.A boy falls in love with a girl at first sight of her in a party. He proposes her. She refuses. Boy tries to convince her that it is true love and he will keep her happy forever. She admits that she believes him and his words but can not honor those words because she can not keep him happy as she is blind. Boy gets shocked but still wants to marry her and promises that he will never let her feel in life that she is blind. She cries, and refuses that she can not, and says if she had eyes she would have accepted his proposal as she believes his true love towards her. Few years pass by and one day girl calls the boy and tells him that this weekend she is being operated, would get her eyes, and would like him to be the first person to be seen by her. Boy accepts and reaches at the hospital where she is being operated. The moment she opens her eyes after doctor removes bandages, she looks at a smart young boy standing at the door. She recognizes him through the eyes of her heart and tells him to come near to her and talk to her. The boy starts walking towards her bed, cannot see the chair on the way and falls down. The girl shouts at him- if you were also blind, why did you never tell me, I am sorry, I can not marry you, how can I spend my life with a blind man. Boy goes away. After some days she gets a letter- I will never return back, and you will never be able to find me, when I had eyes, and could see you, you could not see me, now you have eyes, but you can never see me, but I am still lucky as WHEN YOU WILL LOOK INTO THE MIRROR, YOU WILL BE LOOKING AT YOURSELF WITH MY EYES. THIS IS THE BEST I COULD DO FOR YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. Conclusions- boy loved the girl in a true sense. He never tried to impress her, he wanted to do the best for her. He put a permanent mark/impression on her heart without trying impressing her.
Where impress: impressing process is required between a buyer and seller, employee and employer, interviewer and interviewee, servant and master, appealer and appealant.Why impress: the process takes place to give a momentary or a long term gain in lieu of gain or loss to the other
What impresses: generally a good working of a government, an excellent piece of art, a classical movie, a dress, a story, a flyover, a road, a building, a country etc. is the factors that impress.
A true love: this “impress” process is not required in a relation of e.g. brother and sister/brother, mother and son/daughter, father and son/daughter, husband and wife etc. where the acceptance is unconditional and artificial cover on the face is not required.
Only a few impressing turn into marriage: usually one can not keep impressing the other for long, it is a short term process for a short gain.
Why men try to impress women: All wise men know that all women don’t need to be impressed, those women who have eyes to differentiate between artificial layer and reality, those women who are not overambitious, high dreamers or extra gainers. So smart men know who need to be impressed and then they are also smart enough to know/ or find out how to impress her.
Why women need to be impressed: lack of ambition, lack of reality, lack of dream, lack of clarity provides them enough time to get into all this.

A word of caution for men:
 when a woman indicates you that she is impressed by you – you are being befooled, you are not one eyed man among blind men, you are also blind, only she is making you feel like that.A word of caution for women: when a man impresses you, and you get impressed, you are heading towards a big loss and not gain.
All adverse comments are welcome. Replying to each comment is not mandatory, it is solely at the discretion of reviewer.

101 Golden Rules of Perfect Parenting - Sudha Gupta: Parenting is not Science, it is an Art

What this entire book is about and some excerpts:This book is a compilation of 101 quotes for perfect parenting.
10 best quotes I liked out of 101 quotes listed in the book: The choice of best will vary from reader to reader as it varies in top 10 bollywood actors or top 10 songs…
*~!*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*An ounce of praise is worth far more than a tonne of criticismDon’t tell your children how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them find their own ingenious methods of doing itTeach your child about all the colours. But let them paint the canvas of his life on his own.Shielding your child from every upsetting situation will make him unfit handle the reality of life.Victory and defeat are both part of the life. Encouraging your child to win is important. It is equally important to teach him how to accept defeat gracefully.Take your child in your confidence when things go wrong. A child can cope well with crises if you mentally prepare him by telling him what is happeningLet your child not be afraid of making mistakes. Let him know a mistake is not a mistake as long as he learns from it.Encourage the child to take decisions. Good decision making ability will make him successful.Children should not be expected to behave like adults. They cannot sit quietly or concentrate on one thing for long.You may not be able to make your child do great things. But you sure can teach him to do small things in a great way.*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
My views on Parenting and this book:Parenting is a process of upbringing your child in a most appropriate manner but before the process starts long before that when you start planning what to do and what not to do before prior to your child gets birth. It starts at a very early stage and I think we first of all see and learn it from our own parents. Childhood game of playing HOME or PARENTS is very popular among growing children below 6-7 years of age. Parenting is a life long process, it does not mean only for the parents of growing children as growth is a continuous process and as is Parenting. Children remain children throughout and Parents remain Parents whatever is the age of Children and Parents. Parenting is an Art and not a science as it does not run on a fixed pattern and is not constant, it varies from Parents to Parents and Child to Child, the same parents have to adopt different styles and patterns of Parenting for their different children. And this style and pattern changes along with the age of the child.
The book is a good compilation of 101 quotes, some familiar and some not familiar but all are acceptable as all do good in some way or the other.

#@!*&^%$#!@#!@#!$#$$%Happy Parenting#@!*&^%$#!@#!@#!$#$$%

Advice on Watching Movies: ~main~chup~rahoonga~

Choose the right people to accompany you: Never watch a movie with your Boss. Don’t fool yourself by making unofficial things official, even if you are on a tour, you both will not be able to enjoy the movie unless you both are out of office best friends. Take your friends, family, any one with whom you feel relaxed, free and unstrangled.
Decide on a right movie: Actually it depends, what is your mission (and vision at that moment). It may be a high profiled movie you have pre-conceived and decided to watch at any cost before it was released or it may happen all of a sudden to go for a movie. But whatever is the situation, decide mercifully (have mercy on yourself and those bound by your decision)
Wear the monkey cap: Be in a most enjoyable mood, unmask your face, smile, laugh and relax.
Get tickets reserved in advance: it is better to avoid black holes on the earth (houseful situation or tickets available only for frontmost two rows)
Get box or balcony back row: prefer to have back or middle rows of balcony else back rows of PVRs, Satyams, I-max or a box if you are going to a traditional theatre.
Get centre corner or side corner: to avoid disturbing others while moving out during the movie (and to guess/estimate the health of the people crossing you)
Check the seat number on tickets and if it is not clear at the time of reservation, ask/confirm: check the seat numbers and if it is a doctor’s prescription, confirm the seat numbers to avoid confusions later.
Early to bed early to rise: Reach well in advance to enter in the hall, take your seats, grab some snacks without any panic or hustle and bustle.
Take care of your belongings: be alert to take care of your wife/ kid(s)/ girl friend(s)/ friend(s)/ family/ parents/ mobile/ pockets/ purses/ any other valuables. Wear less costly watches/ ornaments.
Leave whistle/hooters at home: relieve yourself of extra water and other wastes in your stomach before starting for a movie! Don’t let it blackmail you during an interesting sequence happening on the screen. Similarly decide before hand you will not be moved by/ prompted by/ provoked by the shouters/ whistlers/ hooters in the theatre.
Don’t get too excited with too hot or too cold scenes: don’t shout or whistle loudly. Instead laugh or cry as the situation may be as that implies that the actor has performed and you have been able to see that performance. Don’t narrate story ahead of what is going to happen, if you do so, you will become villain to many around.
Enjoy the stuff: mind it that you have spent money and time on it, so get the best out of it, if there is no good, try finding out, if not in the movie, around you. Mind it, goodness makes us survive, if we are still surviving, that means goodness exists in or around us in considerable amount to sustain us.
Take a torch with you: if torch-man is too smart to blink torch at your face very often, reciprocate to make him realize how it feels.
Understand your limits by the size of your seat: don’t spread/expand yourself too vertical or horizontal, understand your seat that is trying to teach you your limits.
Let mobile be on buzzer/silent mode: when you are engrossed in the movie, equally many more around would be. Let them and you all of a sudden not be disturbed by a high volume ringtone.
Enjoy the break: analyze what happened so far, assume what will be happening afterwards but all this with a punch of cola, nachos, popcorns, American corn etc. (don’t take all, these are snacks not food!)
No harm in taking a nap: if you are too tired, on a movie straight from office to home to movie, there is no harm in taking a nap especially on the soft, cost shoulder, but be decent enough to not to snore (loudly!)
Take the shortest possible path to go out of your seat: if you have to go out for buying snack or relieving yourself, take the shortest possible path thereby disturbing the least possible persons in the dark. Moreover you are not Vasco De Gama with no intentions to discover another barren piece of land.
Dump your wastes politely under your seat: slip politely the tray/empty can/empty box of your drink/popcorns etc. under your seat and don’t put it on the sideways/ frontways passage.
Don’t be in hurry: don’t rush to leave the hall immediately after the movie or during the last scene, or at the end if some remix is running. Relax, as was your purpose. Nothing bad is going to happen if it has not happened so far. Nothing you are going to miss if have not missed so far. Let all hurriers run away. Carve your path calmly as if you are walking in a garden.
After/Before movie: if it is lunch/dinner time before or after the movie, try a restaurant around the theatre. After all you are on an outing and you are supposed to enjoy and spend money.

General Advice on Driving Sense: Dedicated to all SICK, DUMB, DEAF & DEAD RASHERS!

Sitting there while I observe/I like your lines I love your curves/Checking out your bodywork/How can I get with her,/Your the one that I want/Do anything to turn you on/Somebody please just pass the keys so you can take a ride with me/I'm on a mission/First thing disarming your system/Next thing slip the key in the ignition/Just listen/To the way that you purr at me you know you prefer the speed/When your back starts dipping/Wheel spinning when the gears start shifting/I'm sticking till the turbo kicks in/You know that I'm missing/Got me moving so fast you got me missing the flash/Fast cars/Fast women/Speed bikes with the nitro in them/Dangerous when driven/Those are the type that I be feeling/Feel the ride feel the rush/The moment I tease your clutch/Reacting to my every touch/Were shifting down or tearing up/I don't care where we go/To burn you out's the end result/You're dealing with a professional/I'll spin your round just to let you know/I'm on a mission/First thing disarming your system/Next thing slip the key in the ignition/Just listen/To the way that you purr at me you know your as perverse as me/When your back starts dipping/And I'm unaware of the limits I'm hitting/Blurred vision in a critical condition/Could blow the transmission/Got me moving so fast you got me missing the flash/Fast cars/Fast women/Speed bikes with the nitro in them/Dangerous when driven/Those are the type that I be feeling/Body like a race car/You got the curves like Jaguar/Acceleration like a Yamaha/I like the way you perform when I'm turning you on/Feel it when I revving you/Smoother than a Daimler/You handle like a Lancia/I like the way you perform when I’m turning you on/Fast cars/Fast women/Speed bikes with the nitro in them/Dangerous when driven/Those are the type that I be feeling
Red light and red light area both mean “stop/don’t cross”: If you are a real HERO, don’t get carried by these mean warnings, be bold and courageous to jump and show the world around you can do it. More you jump more you can prove yourself to self and people around. Go on. Don’t worry, every person need not be decent and disciplined. Form your own rule books. After all we are a developing country comprising of all adults and no kids. We don’t need monitors and policing around. By stopping at a red light we can not make a mockery of ourselves. Let the others take care about themselves. Go, go and go, be it RED, ORANGE or GREEN. Consider yourself a BULL and get provoked and (mentally) challenged by a red light, jump it.
Babuji dheere chalna: Who is the fool who has set speed limits and that too without consulting us? How can somebody insult me and my Heroism by limiting me to a speed of his choice? Who says that I must drive slow? Let me set my own limits and prove myself. Driving sense and sensible driving: what a non-sense! That I have to respect a system or some set of rules. Why should I sense the sense of others and be sensible. Road is not a racing track: Do you think so? I don’t, as I feel that the all roads can be treated as racing tracks. Why some fools go to participate in races on racing tracks? I race every where on every road and always win! See the trophies and medals around in the form of the cars/bikes/people I hit around and run away. After all I am the best racer.
Honking a Horn means insult in Thailand: Driver usually doesn’t horn in Thailand as it is taken as insult for the person for whom it is honked. But then we are more educated, more intelligent and having better standards of living. And horn is always meant to be used otherwise why it is there. It is always better to keep using it every now and then to prove – that you are a music lover, you keep testing horn and you keep entertaining others.
Drink and Drive: Driving is more enjoyable after drinks (atleast two! To start with – more means more stamina more (non)sense). And drinking while driving is the ultimate, try it.
Celebrities and Driving: Learn some lessons from Celebrities, drive rash, crush some people sleeping on the pavement, hit a child crossing a road, afterall I have all rights to show my emotions, anger and heart-breaks.
Ads and Driving: Park your car as shown in the Ad, between the two cars, with a zip drive. Lesser the space to park more is the chance to show your talent.
Movies and Driving: Hey, Learn driving from movies, see how fast they drive, how beautifully they fall down from a hill or bump into a tree and loose their life and memory, how interesting
Hit and Run: Suppose you are driving within YOUR LIMITS, taking all lanes into consideration and having full access rights to move to any lane any time and some fool comes in front of you and gets hit by his own mistake, don’t hesitate to run away, as there is no need to stop and argue. Already there are lot of arguments taking place in this country, don’t waste your time. Your time is more precious than the damage done to anybody.
Chasing What?: Although I keep chasing sometimes the cars ahead and sometimes to find out the end of the road, I have never understood what and why but still I enjoy chasing, driving at high, higher, highest speed.
Mobile phone and Driving: One must love talking over the mobile while driving, as that is the best way of getting attention of passing by vehicles, vehicles honking at your back for a side, vehicles honking to alert you about your inattentive drive, vehicles alerting you of your unawareness that you are in the right most lane with speed deteriorating with the increase in your talk time. Don’t worry about anything, keep talking even if you get hit by somebody, after all your clones are present on this earth who are equally adventurous.
The Dark Windows: Although it is illegal to have dark filmed windows, don’t worry, this is my India, law are Police are two different sides of a coin, both unaware about each other. No body is going to catch you and people will be curious about who is the animal behind those dark windows. Moreover even if you hit your neighbor, he will not be able to see your face and you will be as safe as always. After all your acts already say that you can’t show your face on this earth and are supposed to hide it everywhere you go. But wouldn’t it be better if you mask your face rather than spending so much on getting dark film on your car windows.
License to kill: you belong to a democratic country in real sense. You have all rights to crush, hit, damage anything, anybody. But do you have a family? And why they have to suffer because of your (mis)deeds.
Rich Dad Poor Son (or Daughter): The black money Dad has no shortage of money to spend on its kin and their stupid accidents. If you are one of those kin feel free to drive rash, hit anyone, drink and drive, enjoy your life to its fullest. Live Life King Size. But someday when you are not in a position to earn a single penny and the Rich Dad has become Poor Dad, what will happen? Atleast don’t pass on this genes to your kids.
Indicators & Indications: No, don’t use them, they are for the un-expert drivers. High Beams, Sharp cuts, high speed is all for you.
Speed: Fulfill your desire, let there be fire. Kal ho na ho

TV Serial: Big Boss: ~~~Big Boss! - A Revisit~~~

Fourteen Participants - 90 days - all living aloof in a house - away from their families - no phone calls - no letters - no emails - no going outside - just only 14 together - day and night.
The Reality Show became a game show as the inmates tried every possible acts like drama, politics, scandals, outrageous behavior, over calmness, submissiveness, bitching, groupism, criticism, acting etc. to be the winner.
Big Boss also played many games with the inmates by instructing, ordering, threatening and also at times partying and calling special guests like Shahid Kapoor, John Abraham etc. for boosting them and energizing the environment.
Many old relationships and friendships broke and many new one formed during the show (but who know how many of them were just to win the show and how many were real!). At least the real self of the  celebrities (so called) that was hidden behind their masks, was revealed to a large extent.
Arshad Warsi, the host of the show used to come on Fridays which used to be the eviction day. His presence on Friday used to make the show quite interesting both for the audience and for the housemates.
Housemates in the order of their eviction:
1. Bobby Darling (Actor):  She couldn't adjust and was busy in herself for most of the time as long as she was there and that is why she did not participate in most of the household chores. Her main purpose for being in the chase for winning was to get huge money with which she would be able to change her sex.
2. Deepak Prashar (Model/Actor): His mode switch was jammed and got stuck to only one mode that was "advise mode". He was always advising all others and offered all type of fatherly services. Most of the time he would be busy in kitchen preparing anything required by anybody.
3. Kashmira Shah (Actor): Most politically correct and cunning person, always trying to persuade (and got success too) housemates in favor of groupism and not voting against each other. Rakhi Sawant fell in her trap but others like Deepak Prashar, Rahul Roy, Amit Sadh refused to get in her trap (and probably understood her intentions).
4. Rakhi Sawant (Item Girl/Dance): Confused personality, did many things just for camera sake to get publicity. Believed in exposing herself as much as possible and kept herself away from decency. Tried to scandalize by wooing Amit Sadh but all in vain and henceforth fought with him later.
5. Aryan Vaid (Model): This guy is always busy at two things - gym and romance - for gym any machine will do and for romance any girl will do. He tried to sensationalize the show by creating a romantic scandal right from the first day. Initially he tried to cajole Ragini Shetty but when failed to do so, he targeted Anupama. She resisted at first (as both are models, that he is a Casanova), but later fell prey to him. So when Aryan was successful in convincing Anupama and other house inmates by acting as a true lover, all housemates convinced Anupaman to go ahead. He even proposed her during the show but ditched her after being evicted from the house.
6. Anupama Verma (Model/Actor): She got emotionally bonded to Aryan (as he intentionally trapped her), and felt that she can't live in the house after Aryan left. Although after 2 days she was quite ok and wanted to remain in the house but people by now had done their work after getting her initial message.
7. Deepak Tijori (Actor/Director): He was a wild card entry after few initial episodes. He created a stir between Rahul Roy, Ravi Kissan on one side and Amit on the other side. They initially started following  him and started calling him 'Baba' but later understood his tricks. People soon voted him out.
8. Baba Sehgal (Singer): Another late Wild Card entry in the show. The existing housemates told him  that he has brought lot of positive energy in the house. He didn't do much in the house and more of a loner than a group man. Even his rap songs did not get much appreciations and he was too soon voted out.
9. Ragini Shetty (big Boss' Spy): She was a secret agent sent by Big Boss inside the house and initially she was successful in her mission but soon housemates got suspicious about her and she started getting uncomfortable in the house.
### Rakhi Sawant got wild card entry again in the house. This time she tried to be more polite to all. She brought gifts for all of them (although most of them could predict that she is lying that the gifts have been given to her by their family members). She was initially outcasted by many but later was accepted.
10. Rupali Ganguly (Actor): The 'tragedy queen - and Nirupa Roy of the house' were amongst few of the names given to her. She used to cry every now and then, used to do household chores and also acted as massage girl of Ravi and Rahul. She fell for Ravi who fell for Carol instead.
11. Amit Sadh (Actor): The youngest boy called 'Chote' by Rupali and others was quite short tempered, gym boy, fighter, arrogant and often used stern words. He was always engrossed in memories of his fiancĂ© Neeru. At one time he felt quite depressed and got a feeling that Neeru will leave him and he will not be able to live without her, he broke down psychologically and emotionally. He was provided Psychiatric treatment in the house after which he came out of it and got stabilized.
12. Ravi Kissan (Actor): He was the most controversial member right from the beginning. First few days he was desperate to get evicted as he was missing his three daughters and wife badly. He cried and abused a lot and got nominated by Big Boss himself for eviction. After that he started telling that he wants to stay in the house and improved himself. Later he was involved in alleged affairs with Carol and Rupali (although they all denied it always), all three had a fight with Rakhi who was blamed for promoting these stories. During last few episodes he got quite confident to win the battle.
13. Carol Gracias (Model): Another massager for Ravi and Rahul. She could not speak good Hindi but later improved a lot after practice. She was quite particular about cleanliness and was fed up of Rakhi due to her habit of not cleaning the washroom after use. She was the first runner up.
14. Rahul Roy (Actor): The 'Baba', as was the title given by others, was the quietest, slowest and most deceptive personality amongst all. He used to declare that before each eviction he had an intuition and used to tell many of them by sign language. For his protection, he used to wear 'Shiv Parvati' T-shirt every eviction day. Few housemates followed him blindly earlier, then had a rift and refused to call him 'Baba' but again after Deepak Tijori's eviction (who used to speak against him), they all started following him again. This indifferent, calm, away from any controversy, attitude led him to become the winner of the show with a prize money of 50 Lacs Indian Rupees.

TV Serial: Kaun Banega Crorepati 3: ~~~A King versus An Emperor~~~

Dear Friends, after KBC1 and KBC2 it is KBC3 now. This is the third innings. Big B captained first two innings. On his footsteps the third innings is being played by SRK. Both are legends and a landmark in their own capacities. Keeping aside the personalities, the program itself is a grand success and has been structured so well that it could have been anybody’s call, but I feel the best of the programs need best of the presenters too. The program is going great guns, TRPs speak just a marginal difference and SRK is picking up very smoothly.
As in the preceding reviews posted after KBC3 started, the main emphasis has been on the comparison of the two presenters, as the program remains the same. Although I believe that in this world of individuals, comparison is a senseless activity as each individual tries to deliver his best. Sometimes I wonder the way SRK is compared with Big B, Big B was never compared with Dilip Kumar so much. Whatever, the first pillar and quite strong too is Big B as far as this show is concerned. He is the person who drove it so beautifully, flawlessly and excellently.
Both of them have a spark and glitter in their eyes, liveliness on their face and a positive attitude. Both are at the extreme of their confidence but Big B appeared unshakeable and stable whereas SRK appears to be unstoppable and ready to cross the boundary anytime. Sometimes I see a great urge in SRK to be compared with Big B (first Don II and now KBC III). Both believe in the theory of “survival of the fittest” and both are fit to survive by continously exploring themselves and delivering the best.

Following the predecessors on MS, let me try mark a difference between the two of them, based on their individual charm, persona, attitude, style and nature.
Sophistication vs. Naive: SRK is acting so innocent (very cleverly) that he can dare to do any foolish or funny act upto any extent. On the other hand Big B because of age, family background and a long, strong career was appearing very sophisticated. Where SRK is appearing like a brother Big B had to appear like a Father. SRK as boy, Big B as Man. SRK is looking more informal. Big B looked to have a worldly knowledge contained in him. SRK is more jovial, where as Big B appeared as Jove.
Soft vs Hard: Big B used to be Soft whereas SRK is a bit more tricky and hard.
Witty vs Cunning: Big B was witty but reserved and conserved. Contained and still with depth. SRK is free flowing, cunning, spontaneous. SRK can be termed as a “cunning baby”.
Secured vs. Vulnerable: Big B could make the person sitting opposite to him secured and comfortable whereas the person sitting opposite to SRK too feels the same but can be prompted or provoked to react awkwardly at any moment of time.
Matured vs. Daring: This could be due to the difference in their age. Big B appeared to be demonstrating and expecting maturity whereas SRK draws out the child factor from inside of the person sitting opposite to him. SRK dares to prompt, provoke, agitate the person and reflect his real self. Big B was self contained and could not draw out so much colors out of the person.
Grace vs. Blimey: Big B has a persona, grace, elegance, softness, depth grace whereas SRK blimey, more expressive and more versatile.
Libra vs. Scorpio: A Libran is a Libran and a Scorpion is a Scorpion. One is more thoughtful, think before you speak, little shy, conserved, orthodox, and reserved whereas other is open, speedy, blunt, unorthodox, no boundaries, full of spontaneity and action.
Practical vs. Promptness: Big B used to be quite practical, SRK is prompt, quick, at times obnoxious and offensive.
Pro-Active vs. Reactive: He was proactive in the sense that he behaved in such as manner that he knew almost everytime how the other person is going to respond. He is provocative and hence sometimes may face surprises by unexpected response, rather he is least bothered about the response since he has the capability to handle any situation/response and will react accordingly and instantly.
Lively vs. Naughty: He was lively but not naughty, he is lively and naughty as well.
Flawless vs controversial: He was flawless, controlled and away from controversial scenes on the set. He is prone to controversies by provoking the persons sitting opposite to him by his remarks or act.
Nimble as a deer vs nimble wits: Both are intelligent, smart and quick. One is quick as a deer, the other is witty.
Orthodox vs Maverick: He had crossed his golden years and still was in his golden era during KBC I and II. He is a golden boy, maverick, daring to do beyond expectations and always full of surprises in KBC III.

TV Serial: Crocodile Hunter: A Tribute to a Real Life Hero

Steve Irwin “Crocodile Hunter” got fatally injured by the infusion of a stingray’s serrated bard into his chest. He lost his consciousness while pulling out the stingray’s serrated barb and died. His fans mourned worldwide and are still not out of the shock of this sudden accident that caused this Naturalist’s death. Basically the cause of the death identified is that “it was not the going in that caused much damage, it was the coming out of that deep serration kind of pull on the flesh that caused a steep and large tearing causing a serious injury that caused damage”. This was the conclusion drawn by Dr, Bryan Fry, deputy director of the Australian Venom Research Unit.
        It is being assumed that the spine was still attached to the sting ray, leaving Steve Irwin no choice but to pull it out. Although it turned out to be the poor judgment filming this adventurous documentary without a support crew who could kill the sting ray in time, and there was no nearby medical staff to remove the spine.
Obviously it is a pity that Irwin has died.  He entertained a lot of people and will be much missed.
    I rarely got a chance to watch Steve Irwin’s programs but my friends staying in UK told me that they remember seeing Steve Irwin on TV several years ago when his programs first reached the UK. Their families (including members of all ages) became great fan of Steve, got hooked to his programs, and they were amazed, entertained, and a bit horrified when they watched his daring acts. The shows gradually gained viewers in part because of the physical danger that Irwin exposed himself to, though after a while it was found too stressful to watch and of course the novelty wore off. His death as a result of the quantum of risk he used to take is no real surprise. The surprise is that he has survived so long even after doing so adventures so boldly and solely.
His style of program seems to have provided a career for another nature presenter, Nigel Marven, At least this is a better risk reward choice and no less entertaining.
    Scientifically it is found that the damage to surrounding flesh when ripped out is much greater than damage to surrounding flesh going in.  It seemed kind of weird that he wouldn't know this but may be since it had to happen, it happened.  What would have been the consequences of leaving it in?
Removal might well have been moot, since a potent toxin was injected directly into the heart muscle in addition to the mechanical damage.
    Further, in life-threatening situations involving critical injuries, the victim rarely thinks rationally enough to contemplate risk/benefits, especially when underwater and attached to a large, terrified/pissed-off fish.
Few lines at the end:
Girte Hain Shai Sawar Hi Maidane Jung Mein
Vo Tifn Kya Girenge Jo Ghutnaun Ke Bal Chale…
But Heroes like Steve will not be forgotten for long time to come…
Salute to a Real Life Hero…

How to Quit Smoking - Tips and Tricks: QUIT LIFE not smoking!!!

kah rahaa hai dariyaa se samandar kaa sukuut,
jis kaa jitanaa zarf hai utanaa vo Khaamosh hai

1. Intention is not to hurt anyone.
2. Resemblance of name, thought processes expressed, contents should not be taken seriously.
3. For esteemed Smokers - If you smoke - don't quit smoking, just quit reading this review. If by chance you dare to read the review, don't get bogged down by the contents, take it easy and keep smoking.
4. For non-smokers - just read it as a regular review. no need to get inspired and forward it to a smoker who you think may read it and drop smoking.
5. Dropping cigarette may be injurious to love towards addiction. Even if you drop a cigarette by chance on floor, cig - lit or unlit. floor - dirty or clean, floor - wet or dry, don't worry, pick it at once, lit it and smoke. There are many other useless things to drop in life - relation, love, friendhsip, respect, job, career, health, yourself.

tumhii.n to ho jise kahatii hai naaKhudaa duniyaa,
bachaa sako to bachaa lo ki Duubataa huu.N mai.n

Name : Gautam
Sex: Male. Status: Middle Class Family.
Part I - Age: 14 years. 
Today for the first time my dearest friend Roshan advised me that how good and enjoyable cigarette is. He smokes every day when we are together and nothing has happened to him so far. I don't know why Mom, Dad, Sis and Bro are against smoking. Grandpa smokes till date and is hail and hearty. how handsome are the men and beautiful are the women in the ads shown during interval of movies, magazines .... smoking, smiling, enjoying. How these movies stars are so smart and handsome and they appear more handsome when, in movies,  they have cigarette in their hand and beautiful heroines around them, admiring their style of smoking, their status.....

And that day when I read that article in the newspaper, the opening dashing batsman, so many runs, so popular, so many world records, ... smokes 40 cigarettes a day. Sportsman - smoking - if nothing happens to him, what can happen to me???? I am just a small boy, fresh blood, caring parents, loving sisters. I have to become a sports star, a hero, a dashing personlaity to move in society gracefully when I am grown up. SO my dear friend Roshan - I DECIDE TO START SMOKING TODAY, TEACH ME MY DEAR FRIEND, TEACH ME HOW TO SMOKE, TEACH ME....... Sorry Dad, Mom, Sis, Bro and Friends..... I Love my friend who loves me so much that he insists me every time he smokes to try a cigarette, to enjoy the life at its fullest, as he enjoys ...... If you all are fools and don't want to enjoy it is not my headache......

qaasid tuu hii bataa tuune to dekhe ho.nge
vo Khat kaise hote hai jin ke javaab aate hai.n

Part II - Age: 17 years.I have been smoking for almost 3 years now. Smart boy, handsome, when I have cigarette in my hand and i swirl the smoke in the air, my friends say - WOW. My girl friend says I look more handsome when I smoke. I feel very HAPPY, SATISFIED.

Mom and Sis have come to know that I smoke. Mom said quit it else .... , who cares.... Dad is as usual busy in office and earning. Mom is also busy with her job. They have only one aim in life, to grow me and Sis in a good atmosphere, with good education and build a strong career. Dad has never compelled for his wish for my career and left it free for me to study as much as I want, whatever subjects I want, and choose a career of my choice to become what I want to become in life. He never spent money in movies, parties, taxis .... but never stopped me in spending anwhere. I care Damn. What if he is like this, I can't be. And who wants to be like that. His duty is to take care of his children and wife, not mine. I am a free man, enjoyment in life is prime. What if education is suffering. What if I am getting lower grade gradually every year. What if my face is looking older than what it should appear at this age, I LOVE SMOKING, I LOVE CIGARETTES. And my childhood memories still remind me that even with smoking I can become a smart, handsome, Intellectual - HERO - SPORTSMAN - A BIG MAN WITH A BIG NAME IN SOCIETY.

How does it matter that I got 10 place in the races held in the college last week. What if my medical test held at college found out that my eyes are getting weaker. What if BIG SPECTACLES... I AM STILL POPULAR IN MY FRIENDS, STILL ENJOYING SMOKE SWIRLING OUT OF MY MOUTH. My girl friend still finds me handsome. I started with 1 cigarette a week to 1 cigarette a day and now in 3 years I have improved to 3-4 cigs a day. WHO CARES....

ujaale apanii yaado.n ke hamaare saath rahane do
na jaane kis galii me.n zindagii kii shaam ho jaaye
[Bashir Badr]

Part III - Age: 30 YearsHey, what happened. Don't worry, Nothing serious. I just dropped my love, my girl friend from my life. How dare could she attack my MALE CHAUVINISM, EGO. How she could compare my love for her with MY LOVE FOR SMOKING. How could she tell me on her birthday with her eyes in my eyes, my hands in her hands - "MY Love, Today you have to take a decision of quitting Smoking, and take me from my Dad to your home, your life, forever." I said - "You must be kidding Darling, Who wants to QUIT SMOKING...". She got stunned, looked at my serious face, peeped into my heart to see my commitment towards SMOKING, very gently moved away her eyes from my face, (I could see some drops flowing from her eyes, wetting her face, falling down, I think it were TEARS... WHO CARES.... ). She swiftly took her hands out of my hands.... and moved away..... MOVED AWAY FOR EVER.... MOVED AWAY FROM MY LIFE..... But who cares. I got one more reason to smoke, to increase my per day count. I know, smoking can reduce my pains, all pains, it will make me forget that I lost just now. That she married my best friend... What if I lost her, i still enjoy life, have a good earning, good friends who drink and smoke with me, a car also, and a house...... And above all my Love for Smoking is incerasing, I smoke 20-25 cigs per day. I feel strong, i feel great, My friends priase me for my STAMINA of smoking so many cigs per day and still be so handsome, smart, SUCCCESSFUL..... I have money.... I can have any girl of my choice for marriage.... I don't think there is anything called "LOVE YOU". There is only one thing in LIFE _ "I LOVE MYSELF and ONLY MYSELF". What if I feel pain in my heart sometimes, what if my eyeglasses have become thicker.

A lot of my transformations have been okay:
but what about tomorrow, an hour from now,
the day that last second will be for me? 

THE END - Age: 40 YearsI was in the hospital since last 3 months. And.......

Don't get shocked. Doctors just informed my family that I have died with a half burnt cig in my fingers. Who cares... I LIVED, I ENJOYED, What if my family is crying, what if someone misses me forever, What if it could have made a difference of some years if I did not smoke. What if I could save myself, health, money..